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At McDonald’s we’re all about simple, easy enjoyment – we’re proud of our food and we love to talk about it! That’s why we’ve created Our Food, Your Questions, a website dedicated to sharing information about everything on our menu board with our customers. Go ahead and ask any question you like. We love talking to our customers too!

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“What is the process your meat goes through once it leaves the farm?”

Hey there! Thanks for writing in. Each animal has its own tag attached to its ear when it arrives at the factory; and they are accompanied with the appropriate health certificates, too. After slaughtering – and during the process – a quality inspection programme is followed and documented.

Chunks of meat then go through a visual inspection process, and only prime cuts are chosen for our products. These are processed by specific machines in order to take their round shape. Production lines have metal detectors to avoid foreign materials in the final product, and production is stopped if there is a food safety or quality issue. Patties are evaluated for their consistency related to appearance, texture and flavour by well-trained and experienced personnel.

Beef patties are then frozen and manually placed in cartons, and stored in freezers with temperatures between -18°C to -23°. These are then distributed to McDonald’s restaurants by temperature-controlled tracks and kept frozen until cooked to be used in our sandwiches.

We hope this answers your question, but do feel free to get in touch with us again if you’d like any more information. Thanks!

“How many calories are there in a McDonalds salad?”

Hey, Sarah! Thanks for writing in. This depends on which salad you go for – the specs for a side salad, a Caesar Crispy Chicken Salad and a Caesar Grilled Chicken Salad can be found here. Thanks!

“What are the chicken nuggets made of?”

Hey, Joelyn! Thanks for writing in. Our chicken McNuggets are made of 100% chicken breast meat, with just a pinch of seasoning added. We hope this answers your question! Thanks.

“Where can I find the full specs (ingredients, etc.) for your food ?”

Hey, Daniel! Thank you for your questions. You can find specs for our food, including the ingredients, here. Thanks!

“Why do you give less beef than other restaurants?”

Hi, Michael! Thanks for writing in. The cooked beef patties in our Big Macs weigh approximately 66gr, and they are shaped in such a way to perfectly fit in our buns. In our menu, there are also other options that contains bigger-sized burgers, such as the Big Tasty.

We aim to offer a variety that provides our customers with a choice of items, depending on the time of the day and the occasion they’re visiting us for. When developing new products, we always take into consideration the size and the nutritional profile of each individual ingredient so as to offer a range of options that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

As to the part of your question about other restaurants, we’re afraid this is not up to us to comment on. Thanks!